ULTRABOOST love Affair


Instead of boring you with another lame-O post about my opinions, wants, dreams, and desires I figured I would hit you with this post. I am currently hiding from all of my responsibilities, on WordPress mobile, trying to figure out how to get my hands on the above sneakers. A little birdie told me that they are an Asia exclusive so I grabbed him, breaded him, and turned him into a chicken little. Mmmmmmmmhmmmmm. Anyway, it turns out that it may be a fact. Sadly I may have to pay resale (don’t tell the wife).

The things I’d do for these UBs at retail

  • Pour gasoline over my nikes and light a match
  • disrespectfully slap my grandmother then run
  • tell kanye west his bleached blonde head piece looks good (and I HATE LYING)
  • jab a monk
  • pick a fight with chuck norris
  • tell your mama her breath stink
  • walk the Verrazano in a tube top
  • consecutively slap 45 people

Its safe to say I need these but it’s also safe to say I’m a sucker for Multi-color, especially one with a red base. Help me! My number is 555-555-5555 ask for Lloyd Christmas.






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