Nike Air Jordan 11 Space Jam Final Thoughts

Today was the release of the Nike Air Jordan 11 Space Jams! As a holiday release for Jordan Brand it does not get much better than this. The sneaker was recently updated with premium materials, a fancy new packaging, and the comeback, 45, number on the heel. The sneaker is simply amazing and much better in hand than I thought it could be.


It was my pleasure to take to the park to capture some exclusive photos of the release. As I was opening the package, I could not help but to smile from ear to ear as I was witnessing the greatest of Jordan Brand come to light. It has been some 20 years since the Space Jam movie had come out and Michael Jordan debuted the Space Jam 11’s. Since that day the colorway of the model has been sought after, leaving a path of destruction when they re-released back in 2009.


To much of every consumer’s happiness, Jordan Brand decided to increase production numbers tenfold. With production number in the upper hundreds of thousands it was safe to say that most of the consumers where able to grab themselves a pair or two. Progressively the release procedures have been getting better and better and the violence of past Christmas release’s has significantly diminished. Kudos Jordan Brand, Kudos!


As I was acting like a clown, snapping photos, and shooting some footage of the Space Jams I couldn’t help but notice an overwhelming feeling of Joy. The same feeling of joy that I had when I saw the movie for the first time. View the video here. The day turned out to be a complete success as my good mood carried on through the day. That new sneaker feeling!


If you missed out on this release you can find some pairs here for about a hundred over retail. This is a steal considering the magnitude of the release. If you’re having trouble with sneaker releases you can also check out my buying and selling ebook.

Written by Scott Ward,, @DeadLaced


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